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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Save On Your Grocery Bills!


Make a List - By making a list and having in mind what you are going to cook and therefore need from the store it help you not only with time spend shopping, but it also helps you stick to what you know you can afford. You know what the average cost will be, you can set a budget. 

Clip Coupons - Coupons can save you a lot of money! You can find them in many places too; On cartons, cereal boxes, flyers... etc. This way you can ensure you aren't paying full price for what you need and you are cutting your bill meaning you can put more into your saving account or towards something you really want. 

Be Prepared - This means many things. Have your list will ensure you are sticking to your budget and will ensure you don't have to go back, which means more gas and the possibility of buying too much. Have your eco-friendly grocery bags with you when you shop will save you cents each visit by not having to purchase bags at the store. 

Check all Flyers for Sales - My husband and I would check all flyers and pick from each store what we need and then make the trip all in one day. If you don't have time, check the store that has the best sales to accommodate your needs. AND having each flyer can help with the next step!

Shop at Stores that Match Prices from other Stores - Not all grocery stores do this so pick one that will. If you bring the flyer with you from another grocery store stating that asparagus is on sale and then another flyer from yet another store that tissue paper is on sale, the store you are shopping at will give you their products for those prices. Its a great deal!! You don't have to waste the time or gas driving around. And you get to save! How great is that?!


Shop Hungry - This is a big mistake! You start to crave everything you see and therefore want to buy it all, in the end you buy too much. And if you are like me, sometimes you just get distracted and cant focus, thus forgetting all together what you really need. 

Buy Brand Name Foods - There are much more options out there, you can find the store brand in almost everything! And you can find out yourself that most things taste the same. But if you find that they don't - wait for a sale and stock up! 

Buy Food you Wont Eat - This is a common mistake, people see it on sale so they get it. just because it says 2 for $5, it doesn't mean you should get the second one. Most grocery store will say 2 for the price to trick consumers into purchasing more, when really if you look at it if you buy 1 it will cost $2.50. Meaning just one is also on sale, you aren't purchasing one at full price, but if you buy 2 its a sale. Nope, take a look: 2 for 5 or 1 for 2.50. SAME THING! Less food and less out of your pocket. 

Buy Junk Food - First let me say if you have to look for sales or buy name brand. Secondly, junk food really isn't good for your health so really you shouldn't have it. Not buying it will help you cut the habit, lose pounds, be healthier and save you money. All in All a Plus! 

Let the Cashier Make a Mistake Scanning in Items - DO NOT LET HIM/HER! I say 1 in 5 times I go to the grocery store I notice that something was rung in wrong. It may just be a dollar or three, but every 5 times I go thats 3 dollars taken for me I shouldn't have to give! If I go once a week plus the times I forgot something or something came up - average it to 8 times a month. Do you see how that adds up? SO watch as each item is scanned and correct the cashier if needed. 

And there you have it!! Cut your bill down each time by using these simple tips! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :D 

With Love: 

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