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Monday, 23 December 2013

Selling Home Tips

Tips for Selling Your Home Over The Holidays!!

Hey Friends, 

I thought I would share my thoughts about selling your home over the holidays. This season is a busy season to begin with, so you can image that selling a house in this time would be dreadful, but in some cases it is a must. Therefore, I want to share with you a few tips to selling your home during this wonderful holiday season. 

1. Decorate - There are those that do not celebrate Christmas and therefore may not appreciate the season but I believe that have a little decor wont hurt anyone. This gives you the opportunity to show how great your home can look if you know how to style it. 

Did you ever walk into a model home and just gasp at how beautiful it is? Did you know that a majority of the 'great awe' is do to the way the very talented decorators arranged the furniture and the gorgeous pieces they chose specifically for that space?  That's right, many people cannot look past the decor, the furniture, the art work, the way the person, currently living in the home, has set up the place.   

In saying this, this is why I believe having a little festive decor will help the people see that this home is full of happiness and joy. It also looks great and smells great (add in a little Christmas cooking).

2. Keep Decorations To A Minimal - As stated above, I do believe decor for the holiday is a great idea, but I do not believe going over board is the way to do it. If you are the type to put up 3 trees, stick to just one, in the living room area. And if you are one to nail those stockings onto the fireplace, perhaps find a way to stick them on without causing damage to the house. 

As mentioned earlier, some people do not celebrate this season, therefore, decorating to the minimal will help to keep it a little more enjoyable for those folks who will be wandering around your home. Perhaps you should just keep the decor in the main areas of the house.

3. Christmas Baking - A great tip to selling a home at any time of the year is to bake! Bake, bake bake, bake! People love the smell of a fresh plate of cookies. This brings a sense of warmth and feeling of being home in moms kitchen. This triggers something inside that helps the viewers feel like they are home, they feel as if perhaps they can see themselves living there. 

In this season, why not do the baking with a Christmas twist. Try using cinnamon, mint, gingerbread... etc. All those delicious smells that bring to you that Christmas feeling.

There you have it! 3 great tips for selling your home over the holidays! I hope this helps you and I hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to give this a share! And visit me on my social media sites for more great tips and information! 

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How Do You Raise Your Credit Score

how do you raise your credit score

Credit cards can be a huge stress. The offers for them are everywhere and now they’re so easily accessible. As stressful as these cards can be, they are very important in determining your credit score. About 30% of your credit rating is determined by the amount you owe versus the amount available. Most people avoid the card altogether when they start to stress, but this isn’t always the answer. 

Having your credit card balance exceed 50% does not look good on your credit. Even if you plan on paying it off. If the bureau checks your score they will see your credit is over half full. This does also apply to credit cards with low limits. A good thing to try is to increasing your limit so your percentage balance goes down. This is easier said than done. It does take some will power to keep it down.

Using your credit card often and paying it off helps plenty in your credit score. Another tip is to try and buy big purchases will cash. Unless, of course you plan to pay it off right away. By buying with cash you eliminate the temptation of just leaving what you just purchased on your credit card, therefore putting your credit balance at an all-time high. 

I hope this helps. Please leave a comment, concern or just a hello below! 

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