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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

6 Tips for Buying a Home

Top 6 Tips for Buying a Home

Keep and eye on your Credit Score - This is self explanatory, the best the score, the more likely to be a approved and the better the rate.

Check for Pre-Approval - Seek a Mortgage Professional to talk about what you can afford, make a plan and see if you can get pre-approved. This will help your process and will give you more of an advantage. 

Seek Legal advice to go over contract - This is to make sure you understand everything that is written.

Negotiate Price - You can find that you can get a good price on the home for less then they are offer if you are willing to negotiate. BUT be aware that there may be other offers, therefore you may end up in a bidding war meaning you can pay for than expected!

Make a list of your needs, wants, must haves and do not wants - This is important because you can narrow down houses and it will help your agent look for the right places. In this make sure you include looking at the neighbourhood. Look at things like, where schools and parks are, which banks are in town and whats the crime rate. 

Prepare for Pre-Delivery Inspection - If possible you are able to walk with the builder, you can also search the internet for the build, see what work he does, what his name carries. In this inspection, make sure you take note of all the things that need fixing or is missing. This is crucial, so be prepared and its more than ok to take your time during the inspection.

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