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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How Do You Raise Your Credit Score

how do you raise your credit score

Credit cards can be a huge stress. The offers for them are everywhere and now they’re so easily accessible. As stressful as these cards can be, they are very important in determining your credit score. About 30% of your credit rating is determined by the amount you owe versus the amount available. Most people avoid the card altogether when they start to stress, but this isn’t always the answer. 

Having your credit card balance exceed 50% does not look good on your credit. Even if you plan on paying it off. If the bureau checks your score they will see your credit is over half full. This does also apply to credit cards with low limits. A good thing to try is to increasing your limit so your percentage balance goes down. This is easier said than done. It does take some will power to keep it down.

Using your credit card often and paying it off helps plenty in your credit score. Another tip is to try and buy big purchases will cash. Unless, of course you plan to pay it off right away. By buying with cash you eliminate the temptation of just leaving what you just purchased on your credit card, therefore putting your credit balance at an all-time high. 

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