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Friday, 21 June 2013

Baby Rooms for Both Genders!

Baby Room for both Genders!

Hey Everyone, 

Today I have some great ideas for baby rooms. So many people use specific colors and decor for a specific gender, which is great! If you know what you are having and its what you've always dreams then go for it. But what about those people who want to wait to be surprised? Or they just don't necessarily like just Pink for  girl or Blue for a boy? Well, there are lots of neat ideas out there to decorate your nursery in a way that it is gender friendly. Check out these great pics below: 

Picture: http://uni-wall.com/comfortable-baby-nursery-furniture-photo-uni-wall/

This is great!! The neutral colours make it suitable for both boy and girl. Its elegant, neat and it says baby friendly. Very great idea :)

Picture: http://uni-wall.com/creative-and-cool-inspiration-baby-nursery-room-design-uni-wall/

Green is a good in between color, if its the lighter, baby green than this set up would be good for a girl as well as a boy. The white as well is something that is neutral for both genders. If you want to make the room more girly once the baby is born, add some pink flowers or animals as wall art or a girly carpet in front of the crib.

Picture: http://axsoris.com/pictures-collection-of-baby-nursery.html

Wow, check out the patterns!! Adding in patterns into the room can make it very gender friendly as well. You see the play on color here, yellows, browns. It can really go either way. Strips arent necessarily boyish or girly. And making it so that it is also comfortable for the mother is great too. 

Picture: http://www.squidoo.com/neutral-nursery

Another great unisex color is used in this one! Yellow. its a beautiful color of yellow! Here they use the darker wood. Which you can play both ways. Another thing to notice is the use of bees. Again like animals and patterns you cant label them to a specific gender unless you plan to add color (pink or blue). 

Picture: http://www.squidoo.com/neutral-nursery

This one I LOVE. Gray is so in now. Its modern, you can play with the different shades. You can add color to it and it is very gender friendly. A couple I know has the nursery in greys. When the baby is born they will throw in more color according to the gender (its a surprise). In this picture they stick with all safe colors: yellow, brown and grey. As well as adding in patterns.

Arent those great! I makes me want to have baby! Ah, in time perhaps... For now I hope all you mothers who are looking for great decor found this very interesting and informative!! Wishing you all the best!

With Love: