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Friday, 26 April 2013

Office Ideas

Furniture Friday!

Hello Everyone, 
Today I have put together 5 great office ideas that I think you'll love. Check these out and leave a comment below about what you think, any ideas you have...etc. Well Enjoy!! 

Curtain off the nook or a section of the house where the office is to create more privacy and separation.

For large office Ideas this one is a great one for sectioning off the desks but saving the space.You can use this idea for however many desks you need. A cubical type office works great but even just 2 side by side. Keep in mind this could be for a work building or large space for the home. 

This picture is a little hard to get at first. This is a storage idea. Making the cord and loose things that hang stick to the underneath part of the desk helps prevent accidents as well as makes the room look neater. 

How cute is this? Its a girls room, you can do this for your kids or even in a closet you have in anywhere in the house so that you can hide it when not in use. As well as save space outside of the closet. 

This is a great idea for small spaces. The doors close to hide the area so that its not in the way when you need to get around. 

Aren't those neat? I love them! Makes me think about what I want to do in my house. I hope you enjoyed them. Leave a comment and/or send me a pic of your office ideas. crosbiekristina@gmail.com

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