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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

5 Tips for Buying the Right Car!

Financial Tips for Buying a Car

Determine your budget
-Include insurance, repairs, gas and everything that you would be spending monthly

Find out your ownership Costs
-Call the insurance company to get a quote on the specific cars you are interested in

Are going to Buy New or Used?
These days used cars in demand, so you may end up saving if you buy a used car. If you factor in the offers that a new car comes with, for example free maintenance repairs, you can end up saving more 

Forget Leasing
-Deals will push because they make a profit off of it, but in the end you are paying a lot and having nothing to show for it

Narrow Down your options
-You most likely have an idea or two in mind of what kind of car you want. Narrow it down to a small list of preferences. Even if its things like '2 door or 4 door'.