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Monday, 17 December 2012

DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

5 Ideas of art work you can do yourself

I have to apologize for not posting on friday. It was meant to be Furniture Friday and today is Money Saving Monday. I Thought I should put this together.  Today I can show you how to save money by making your own wall art... this way you don't need to spend on expensive posters and fancy things to make your place look great. This also ties into the 'furniture' part for fridays.

I thought I would give you 5 ideas that I love every time I see them. I look up some great website of people who have them posted and how to make. I would show you myself, but I really just want to give a shout of to these people and to share with you my favorite types of art work that can easily be done by yourself. 

(1) Canvas with stencil Letters/Numbers

This idea is so simple to do! On your canvas, which ever size you choose, use stick on letters, numbers or stencils, Peel and paint!! You can paint the canvas a color or multiple before sticking the letters on and when you paint the full colour and peel off the letters, light colour underneath will be the colour of the canvas you painted previous. You can also do this on anything... a wooden block, mirror, photos.. etc. So easy! 

Photo1: http://campbellsstoop.blogspot.ca/2011/09/no-low-cost-art.html
Photo2: http://www.brassyapple.com/2010/08/cut-it-out-canvas-tutorial.html
Photo3: http://www.everythingmom.com/decorating/diy-decor-distressed-numbers-canvas.html

(2) Canvas with white paint

This I found these on Pinterest and attached the links below. I love this type of thing cause you can do it in a few different ways:
You can use a stencil already cut out, glue it down and then paint over top 
You can use glue such as a hot glue gun, make the design from that, let dry then paint entire canvas 
You can use letters and number of stencil or wooden if you purchase them and then paint 
You do not have to make it all white, although white is most popular, you can make it any color you wish. 

Photo1: http://virginiaandcharlie.blogspot.ca/search?updated-max=2011-07-27T08:00:00-04:00&max-results=5
Photo2: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/gorgeousgraffiti/product/personalised-if-i-could-choose-again-canvas
Photo3: http://sparklepantsgirl.com/2011/09/falling-leaves/

(3) Fabric on wood or styrofoam

For this project you use wooden panels or styrofoam and then wrap around your favorite fabric. On the back you want to staple the fabric down so that it stays attached and finished!! Hang and admire. So simple and people will compliment it forever. 

Ive seen people use wall paper too, with this you will need to use your measurements to make sure you are cutting the corners and folding in the right areas to fit the canvas

Ive also heard of people using other things they have in the house already such as a pizza box to wrap the fabric onto. Be creative.

photo: http://www.styrofoamcrafts.com/project.aspx?id=179-11137#.UM-PS6WW45Q

(4) Picture frames

Using picture frames to frame pretty much anything. You can make it 3D or something more simple like framing artwork instead of pictures. And kind of opposite you cause use something like an old window as a frame. These are some good pictures to capture what I mean. 

Photo1: http://johnnyinadress.blogspot.ca/2011/04/window-pane-coat-rack-how-to.html
Photo2: http://thevintagewren.blogspot.ca/2010/11/good-morning-sweet-peeps.html 
Photo3: http://pinterest.com/pin/56928382759339656/

(5) Stencil

To do this you need to pick out a shape that you wish to use and simple draw it onto a wall and then paint. Its mainly used to have an accent wall. So choose a wall you think you would want to stand out the most... the wall with the tv. the wall behind you bed...etc. And dive in!! 

Photo: http://littlenannygoat.blogspot.ca/2010/09/painted-wallpaper.html

There are the 5 ideas for wall art to help you save money and help you decorate you home in a way you love and is your own personal touch!! I hope you liked it!

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Have a good day 

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