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Monday, 3 December 2012


Where better to start my Money Saving Mondays then in the 'Christmas department' ;) 
This is the time of year I spend the most, even if I have a list to keep me on track. Its all about giving and making and sending and baking, not to mention looking christmasy. 
This holiday was created to give to lighten up our wallets. 

Alright lets begin... I want to title this  "DIY Christmas"because I dont just mean gifts, there are many areas of christmas you could be saving your money because you can do it yourself, pretty much the whole thing. Which is wonderful and fun in the whole family and friends get involved.

             DIY (do it yourself) :
 These days there are so many 
   ideas out there to do projects 
      yourself! Its amazing what 
     you can find to inspire you.

Gifts: It seems as though many people just have ideas of what they want and thats what people get them now because they find it hard to think beyond that. I want to step it up a notch and think of ways that I can give to each person something that they would love and knowing that I spent the time pouring my heart into it, not just getting off the hook easily saying "he wants this so i got it, easy peasy". Its almost like the saying 'its the thought that counts' is actually meaningful... because there really isnt any thought just to checking off a list. And there are many things to make such as things for the kitchen, house decor, pictures, recipes, clothing, renovations...etc. 

5 Gift Ideas: 
  1. Throw/Pillows for the couch
  2. Personalized mugs/plates
  3. Canvas photos 
  4. Updating the bathroom with paint and wicker baskets on the walls for towel storage 
  5. Ingredients to make cookies in a mason jar.

Decorating: Instead of going to the store and buying cases of ornaments and choosing the expensive individual cute and lovely decor, check out ways to make them yourself. I have seen so many cute things that families make together and each year the tree and house gets filled with personal memories and priceless decor they can take out each year and pass down through the family for generations. There are even things that are so inexpensive if you make, you can toss it and do something different the next year.

5 Decor Ideas:

  1. Different sizes of snow flakes on windows
  2. Christmas balls hanging from curtains
  3. Flower center piece with candy canes or small branches around the pot (or candle if not flowers)
  4. Wreath for the front door - made from twigs or from old christmas ornaments/balls 
  5. Cards/Wall art with the kids - kids handprints making a shape of christmas tree 

Dinners: Instead of going and buying stuffing packages or seasoning packages. Get recipes to do it yourself so that you can brag you made it from scratch. Even things like gravy and cranberry sauce can be made  yourself! You don't need to go out for dinners in order to get together with people plan a meal at home, you can even do a potluck to make it simpler and cheaper for you! This year you can invent something new... try something from an other country. My husbands parents make a salad that ive never heard of but its so good and they brought the recipe from romania.

5 Dinner Ideas:

  1. Make your own gravy
  2. Make new sides - a new salad instead of buying a mix already created for you to have.
  3. Make your own Drinks! Don't waste your money on pop and bottles of juice. Its healthier and its not hard. Even things like hm iced tea. OR try something new like eggnog in your coffee. 
  4. Grandmas recipe for a perfect turkey - so many people go and buy little packets of seasons that someone put together for them to put on the turkey. Do this yourself. Look it up and choose what you think would taste good or what someone else knows tastes good and its cheaper cause those packets only last for that one time use.
  5. Make your own buns/ scones. Instead of buying bags of buns, make them! Or give the project to someone to make them and bring them to dinner.
* You could always use these and other ideas you find to bring to another dinner you are attending.

Baking: I put this one separate from dinner because many people do not do dinner, they jsut attend someone else's but they still bring dessert or they do their baking each year. Well first of all would you feel much better about yourself if you made something that everyone loved instead of buying something everyone loved to bring to a party? I do! I love hearing the compliments. Its so uplifting. So check out recipes to make a dessert or baking to bring. And if you are planning to have people over dont go buy them snack, make them!! Its more home inviting and more impressive. You can find things for cheap, plus once you buy an ingredient for baking those will last a while.

5 Baking Ideas:

  1. Reindeer Pretzels 
  2. Red Velvet Cake or Muffins (red for christmas)
  3. Decorated Cookies
  4. Candy Cane Hot Chocolate with Candy Cane/Marshmallow dippers
  5. Santa Hat Cupcakes (or any decor cupcakes)

Fashion: This time of the year everyone want to be warm and cozy and I think those things can be christmasy too! You can find things that you can wear all winter that you can make yourself or for a gift! You can also add to it, like adding a bow in your hair or on your necklace you made. Including a reindeer in the knitting on the sweater. Not only just clothes, but hair and nails and shoes and jewellery all can be things you can make for winter and/or for christmas.

5 Fashion Ideas:

  1. Paint your nails with snowflakes or a christmas theme
  2. Red and green ribbons in your hair
  3. Knit a big sweater
  4. Learn how to a make legging to wear under your pant to keep warmer or under a big sweater.
  5. Spruce up your shoes by learning how to place fabric to the top to change the whole look of them - this is great for old shoes that look warn out. 

Place to find DIY Projects:

PINEREST: I love Pinterest for that!! Its so neat and fun to search through AND making those things you find are so much fun too! Especially if you have someone making them with you.

BLOGS: Many people have blogs, like this who have tried things and created things themselves and they are will to share them with you and me!

WEBSITES: How I find these website is by using google and links from pinterest, twitter, facebook. There are sooo many out there.

BOOKS: People have been writing book for years on how to do things yourself, its until now that its gotten so big! Check out book stores or Walmart... you can find them pretty easy

MAGAZINES: If you look at magazines, even just while waiting in line at a check out you can pick up an idea. You can look at magazines online too. Its just a matter of looking for those articles.

Alright so there it is!!  I had a great time writing this blog. I have been doing some of my own projects already! And im super excited to continuing doing more! I hope you are all inspired!

Have a wonderful Christmas :)