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Monday, 10 December 2012

DIY Personalized Dishes

DIY Personalized Mugs

Happy Monday Saving Monday! 

Today I want to share with you about how I saved money this year on Christmas Gifts!!  This past weekend I made Personalized Mugs for some special people in my life. And it was cheap! But very special to me and will be for the person who receives it because it is straight from my heart and hand ;)

This is the end result of one of my mugs.
I really like the inside so I wanted to capture that and the handle.

Lets get started! 

You will need: 
White mugs (or any white dish that you wish to make)
Permanent Mark - As many colours as you wish

1. I went to my now favorite dollar store, dollar tree, and I got the amount of mugs I wanted.
**Note you can make a plate, vase, bowl... anything likewise. 

2. I then went to Walmart (you can go to your favorite office supply store) to get permanent markers. The most known brand is Sharpie, but I got BIC which is probably the second most known here. I doesn't really matter which one to use, as long as its permanent and worth purchasing. Some may not last as long, have very many colour options and may not be very good quality of colour when using. For me BIC is good quality, they have many many colours and it was cheaper than Sharpie. 
3.  Make sure you know who you want to make the dish for and what you want to put on it. You can google pictures if that helps you draw. I had to google a grizzly bear for a friends mug and it turned out really good when i finished drawing it. There are also may ideas on the internet of things you can out on the cup. Even stencils you can purchase.
Examples to put on cup:  
Images: Animals, lip marks, stick people, tea bag, coffee stains, mens tie..etc
Writing: Greetings, compliments, sports teams, names, memories, jokes...etc.
4. Set your stove to 350degrees to preheat
5. Draw/colour/write on your dish. I found with BIC, if you use a wet paper towel you can wipe off any mistakes you make and start again. Be sure to dry the area after you wipe it clear. Careful not to touch the areas drawn on when you finish... it will rub off pretty easily before baking them.
6. Once finished place your dishes on a sheet, place in oven for 25-30minutes.
7. Take out of oven and set to cool. When you pull them out they will still smudge if you touch the areas drawn. Try not to touch the dishes until cooled down. When cooled down you will notice that the marker is baked on and will not come off with rubbing. This means they're done!!!  

YAY! Once you've finished and seen how easy it is.. you'll want to do this every christmas, birthday, easter... holiday!! Its fun, easy and cheap.  I had some family over to help decorate, they had brought their own mugs. We did it together and had a blast!

I hope you enjoy this post! Write me with results when you guys do this!!

Email: crosbiekristina@gmail.com

Have a wonderful Monday :D

With Love: