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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tips for Making Big Decisions

Today I have some great places for you to check out. These are great ways to Save when you are face with those BIG decisions in life. How do you prepare for them? How do you deal with them when they are happening?  Check out these few site I have gathered for you!! 

I thought I would search some great places and spaces I have found useful and share them with you today! Click the links below to get the great blogs and website information: 

Saving for College
Save while in College

75 Money Saving Tips
50 Money Saving Tips

Buying A Car
Saving money with the Do-Not-Dos

Buying a House 
Money Saving Tips
8 Ways to Save

10 Ways to Save Money when Planning
10 Ways to Save $$$

Saving for When you Have a Baby
Ways for Parents to Save Money

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