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Friday, 12 April 2013

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Hello All,
I thought I would put together a few Images that I thought were good ideas for bathroom storage. I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to leave a comment below :) And dont forget to check out my previous blogs.

Bathroom Storage Ideas:

My sister in law did this in her bathroom. And I think it looks good. its a great way to store toilet paper so that you always have it on hand. Wash clothes are something guests wont have to ask for. Then throw up some art work and you got a space that makes it look and feel a little more homey. 

If you aren't a basket type then use hanging shelves. These don't only have to be above the toilet, you can be creative with this! 

This idea is to full space and have extra storage. I found one of these type shelves at ikea. You can be creative with the shelving too.