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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tips for Tuesday - Home improvements!

Tips for Tuesday!

Hello all, I have some great ideas that I pulled together for you today on Tuesday. Now go ahead and check out these great Ideas for the Home:

Library in Loft: This is great for those homes that have a loft!! A great way to utilize it! 

Tell me Why wasn't this invented sooner? This is brilliant and so convenient too!

For The car. This would be perfect for my little puppy, Leroy. 

A fancy way to have a dog dish. You know how they can look messy or just not very nice. this works well. it looks classy and it looks clean.

Smart way to organize your fridge! 

No need to use those measuring spoons, you can just measure them straight from the containers!

In the Oven. Making more than one dish at a time, have it all done at the same time!! Easy!

Last Tip for today, this is a kitchen that was renovated using Rustroleum. Have you heard of it?? They have kits for whatever you want to work on - kitchens, bathrooms, garage...etc. Check em out!

Well I hope you liked these tips for today!! They certainly are neat items to look into!! 
Have a good day!

With Love: