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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tips for Tuesday - Mortgage Renewal

Need a mortgage renewal soon? 

I wanted to tell everyone about how you can save on your mortgage renewal! One thing I do the most of, it seems like, is mortgage renewals, lol. Many people are still with banks but people are beginning to see the truth - Bank rates are just too high. First of all if you are with a bank, know that most canadians do not ask the bank for the lowest rates, therefore the bank will give them a high rate. People assume that the bank that they've dealt with, for the past 20 years, will give them the best rate. But they won't! Even if they do go there, ask for the best rate... Truth is mortgage agents have better rates, nearly half the amount a bank will send you. For example: recently I had someone come in with the new bank rate they received. the rate was fixed 2% more than what I offered them, the rate they walked away with. If it was .5% higher, my rate would literally be half the rate they offered. 

Anyhow, Thats that. If you are still with a bank and you are interested in seeing the price difference, don't hesitate to ask me. My webpage has a contact section where you can sign up for a free report. Or you can email me. 

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