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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Canadian Decor

A little Canada in Your Home Decor

Pillows with the Country on it. Get it in Colors to match with you home decor.
Available at Style Home

Wall decor. This moose is my favorite, but you can find may other art work 
Available at Wester Wall Decor

Canadian Painting of a favorite place of your or a place you have visited. 
Available at Donald Flatherart

Red accent wall with white furniture. Or have a Red accent chair, coffee table, dresser... etc. 
More ideas Available at Hub Pages

Little Canadian artifacts around the home. This one is a tree ornament but you can be creative and hang it. More Availble at iVillage

How great are all these idea? This is just in time for Canada Day. I hope all you enjoy the big day! The fireworks I went to see were SPLENDID!! 

OK, well I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to come visit me for more great stuff. Talk to you later.

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